Merry 9021-Christmas and happy birthday Donna Martin!

The original Beverly Hills, 90210 and the new 90210 have both been visited by Santa Clause so many different times that the infamous zip-code needed two days in Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas.

Nobody does Christmas quite like Beverly Hills, 90210. A Walsh Family Christmas follows Steve trying to find his birth mom after discovering he’s adopted, and learning sometimes your friends are just as important as your family. A year later, 90210 does a take on It’s A Wonderful Life, and angels Clarence and Miriam watch over the gang when their bus to a shelter almost crashes (and Dylan tries to pick between Brenda and Kelly). The season four episode, Somewhere in the World It’s Christmas, flashes back to the other Christmas episodes while The Walshes fly to Hawaii on a rocky flight.


Christmas Comes This Time Each Year is Donna’s first Christmas with Ray (pre- abuse), and her mom is so unhappy with her daughter’s choice of boyfriend that she tries to pay him off. At the Peach Pit, Nat hosts a special holiday feed-the-homeless dinner. Angels We Have Heard on High is the season six Christmas episode, and brings Cindy (but not Jim) Walsh back to Beverly Hills. While Brandon tries to understand what is going on with his parents, Kelly deals with Colin’s cocaine addiction and Donna tries to figure out what Joe got her for Christmas and her birthday. The gang struggles with what to get each other for Secret Santa in Gift Wrapped, and the highlight is enemies Valerie and Kelly getting matched up (and surprising each other with the same gift).


Brandon and Kelly spend their first Christmas as a couple in years in Santa Knows, but it’s only a matter of time before Brandon cheats on her with Emma and re-gifts Kelly a watch that Emma bought for him. In Marathon Man, Noah is planning a dance marathon to benefit AIDS research, Christmas and Donna’s birthday, while Dylan heads to Mexico with Kelly even though she’s dating Matt. Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly is the long-running drama’s final Christmas episode, and proves there’s a little bit of Christmas magic left in the 90210 when Gina and Donna finally bond and Kelly and Matt get engaged.


In the new 90210’s first Christmas episode, Winter Wonderland, there is a winter dance at the Beach Club and plenty of drama between then-couples Naomi and Liam, Annie and Jasper, and Adrianna and Navid. A year later in Holiday Madness, Ade is a huge star and celebrating her success in the music industry with a housewarming party (and holiday tunes).


The fourth season of 90210 brings another Christmas party, and this time it’s thrown by Naomi’s enemy Holly in an episode called O Holly Night. Elsewhere, Annie tries to help Dixon pay for rehab and Liam discovers the truth about her escort days. The Things We Do for Love is the final Xmas episode, and the gang’s last holiday party does not go as planned when Naomi and Max’s marriage starts to fall apart and Teddy and Sliver fight over their unborn child.


Labor Day has come and gone, and that means one thing: everyone’s headed back to school. If you’re a freshman in college or just looking for advice to make this school year one for the books, take some advice from your favorite TV characters.

1. Get to know some of your professors like Eric, Cory, Topanga and Shawn on Boy Meets World. They could end up helping you in the future, or teach you multiple subjects like Mr. Feeny.


2. Remember that it’s OK to freakout every…tumblr_mjb9jxY84X1qfhvpzo6_250

…once in a while. If Rory Gilmore gets stressed, we’re all allowed to get stressed.tumblr_mrjn3qip5k1r3761so1_250

3. Have fun with your friends…tumblr_lx1f76wjLO1qgxamco4_250

…but make sure you make good choices, unlike Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210.tumblr_mwzg05MY1X1s7hg3xo1_400

4. Don’t worry if things aren’t working out with your high school boyfriend…


…everything will work out the way it’s supposed to, like it did for Seth and Summer on The OC.tumblr_mz8lrtDE7S1qclilyo1_250

5. It’s OK (and recommended!) to go to parties and have a few drinks…tumblr_mwdt9rP2C11reop97o1_500

…but don’t let alcohol turn you into a different person. No one needs to pull a Buffy.tumblr_md75mvenNS1qh01r8o1_r1_500

6. There’s a chance you and your roommate won’t get along like Blair and Georgia on Gossip Girl…


…but you can always switch dorms or look forward to living with your friends next year. Blair was much better off with Serena.tumblr_n4json7JsL1txvbrdo1_500

7. Bonus Gossip Girl lesson: threesomes aren’t usually the answer.Dan-Vanessa-Olivia-threesome-animation-gossip-girl-9093290-250-187

8. It’s important to have goals like Casey Cartwrighttumblr_m4049sGCVj1qb4mxmo1_250

…but remember to not be too worried about the future like Cappie.


9. Speaking of Greek, you might end up in a sorority or fraternity…


…or rush might not work out and you’ll find friends your own way like Naomi on 90210.tumblr_lxbt8qvI331r0frfb

10. There’s going to be days where you feel like Shoshanna and class is the last place you want to be…


…and sometimes it will be just as bad as you imagined.tumblr_mevkqgD8MW1ryf8if

11. It can be hard to find the balance in college, as Lip Gallagher quickly learned.


12. But getting good grades like Joey Potter makes everything worth it.tumblr_mdnl5r5xKt1qblutwo5_r1_250

13. Enjoy every moment; before you know if college will just be a memory.


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I just finished watching Greek on Netflix and think it’s the perfect show for any teen drama lover. It originally aired on ABC Family from 2007-2011, and I can’t believe I missed it the first time around. Here’s 20 reasons/people why you should pick Greek, which follows siblings Casey and Rusty Cartwright navigate through college and the Greek system, the next time you’re looking on Netflix.

1. Pop culture references: The witty banter between BFFs/roommates Casey and Ashleigh is my favorite part about this ABC Family classic, and it’s rare they go more than a sentence without mentioning a TV show or celebrity. Does it get any better than mentions of Grey’s Anatomy, Dawson’s Creek and Felicity all in one conversation? (The answer is hell no).

2. And inside jokes: Not only do all of the series regulars make great jokes and references, but the supporting characters/guest stars (from movies like High School Musical and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) poke fun at their past roles in brilliant ways.

3. Love triangles: A classic ingredient to any teen drama, Greek brings on the love triangles and it’s hard not to have any option on who should end up with who.

4. Diverse characters: Not only are all of the characters on Greek very unique and don’t really remind me of other characters on TV, but there’s a good mix of race, sexual orientation and appearance between them (without trying to hard like on Glee).

5. Cappie: I think Greek’s Cappie is one of my favorite characters in TV history. I don’t want to give anything away, but his hilarious antics, relationship with both Cartwrights and his adorable personality make him hard not to love. Bonus points because he’s going to play Krisoff (from Frozen!) in Once Upon A Time this fall.

6. Supporting characters: Greek has a strong ensemble cast, and supporting characters like Dale, Beaver and Catherine keep the show entertaining and light.

7. Greek life= parties= drama: Gossip Girl taught me a long time ago that parties (especially on TV) are the perfect place for drama. It’s also a great platform to bring as many characters into the episode as possible. Plus on Greek, sometimes half of the time planning the party is more drama than the actual event.

8. And theme ideas: Every season there are multiple themed parties that you and your friends (or sorority/fraternity) could steal and make your own.

9. Bromance (and sisterhood): The friendships on this show are just as fun to watch and root for as the romantic relationships. #IShipRustyDaleAndCalvin4eva

10. Guest stars: It’s safe to say that every other episode of Greek I was freaking out because one of my favorite TV characters showed up at Cyprus Rhodes. Like…

11. Jackson Avery: The Grey’s Anatomy star was the perfect choice for the Hotness Monster.

12. Cordelia Chase: Charisma Carpenter’s character on Greek is basically a grownup Cordy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I love it.

13.Cindy Walsh: Brandon and Brenda’s mom (from Beverly Hills, 90210) showed up and gave Casey some wise advice that would have made the Walsh kids proud.

14. Naomi Clark: It only makes sense that Queen Bee Naomi from 90210 shows up as a girl from Cappie’s past.

15. Caroline Forbes: Before she was my all-time favorite vampire, Caroline from The Vampire Diaries showed up to keep things interesting for Cappie and Evan.

16. Schmidt: Schmidt is easily my favorite character on New Girl, and after he stole the show on Veronica Mars, it’s no surprise he did it again on Greek.

17. Michael Mancini: A perfect choice to play troublemaker Rebecca’s dad because he created/stirred up even more trouble on the original (and reboot) of Melrose Place.

18. Adrianna Tate-Duncan: Ade from 90210 popped up a few different times on Greek, and it’s no surprise she played a perfect sorority girl.

19. Jesse McCartney If you forgot Jesse McCartney was an actor, then you need to rewatch Summerland ASAP. He’s also pretty good on Greek.

20…And Lauren Conrad: After countless mentions of The Hills and Lauren from Ashleigh and Casey, a guest appearance from LC herself was epic.

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Camping, As Told By TV

As previously reported (by me!), I just returned from working at Sister Pat’s Kids Camp. After an amazing week of fishing/boating, swimming, campfires and more, I can’t get it off of my mind. As a result, I’ve put a camping twist on my favorite thing (TV, of course).

Camp Like Reality Stars: Back when Jessica Simpson was a newlywed for the first time, she went camping with then-husband Nick Lachey, his brother Drew and Drew’s wife Leah. If you want to camp like Jess, you bring your Louis Vuitton bag and complain 99% of the time. To camp like Nick, you need to be able to put up a tent, use the bear bins correctly and hike without falling. Another California camping trip happened on the first season of Laguna Beach. As LC learned, it’s important to bring a friend with you on your outdoor adventure, or else you might end up with no one to kayak with or swim with. It’s also highly recommended not to go with Kristin Cavallari for obvious reasons. To camp like The Kardashians, it’s important to bring your humor and imagination to the campsite. Whether you’re set on finding aliens/UFOs or embarrassing your brother and his girlfriend (TBT for the second time this week to Rob’s cheetah-licious relationship), the two Kardashian Kamping trips can prepare you.

Camp With Your Best Friends: As the wise Tori Spelling once said in response to her husband asking her if she’s ever been camping, “Once on Beverly Hills, 90210. That counts for something.” The whole 90210 gang headed to the wilderness in the second season, and taught us saving a random couple’s marriage, saving your best friend from falling off a cliff and saving your relationship after a fight is how you make real memories in the woods (and having David Silver there to film/capture it all). After tragedy rocks Tree Hill, the OTH crew takes a cue from 90210 and also heads to a cabin for some serious bonding. Nothing like a game of I Never, Pete Wentz, ATV racing and a marriage proposal to keep the woods interesting. The boys of OTH take on camping again in the 7th and 8th seasons. Once to save their beloved river-court, and once to teach Jamie (and Julian) camping traditions.

Camp Like A Man: In one of New Girl’s Thanksgiving episodes, Nick wants to “feel more like a man” and decides going camping with Jess and all of his friends is the way to do so. Nick, Schmidt and Winston even attempt to hunt for their dinner, while Jess, CeCe and Coach head to a nearby country store to buy items they pretend to find outside. A betrayed Nick and a dedicated Jess make for an hilarious camping trip (and tips on what not to do). On Dawson’s Creek, Pacey brings best friend Dawson to their favorite childhood campsite, and tries to build up the confidence to tell his BFF he has feelings for his “soulmate” Joey. Things don’t go as planned, but this episode reminds us camping is a great place to tell stories and reminisce on childhood memories.

Camp With Your Boyfriend: On ABC Family’s classic, Greek, Cappie and Casey head to the woods with Cappie’s parents. Casey’s main reason for tagging along is to try and convince Cappie to focus on his future with the help of his parents. 90210’s Naomi takes a similar approach and tries to use her camping trip with Max to tell him about a kiss between her and his business partner. As in turns out, camping is a great place is to work on trust and discuss relationship issues. Ryan Lochte might even show up and remind you how dumb he is.

Camp In The Mall: If you want to “camp” like The OC and Saved by the Bell, you trade the woods for the mall. Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa get locked in the mall and make the most of it by playing roller hockey, building fake fires and (almost) sleeping in tents sent up in the mall. A few decades before, in an attempt to buy concert tickets sold early in the morning, Zach, Kelly, Slater, Screech and Lisa set up camp in a sporting goods store. You might not be able to dress up like mannequins and go shoe shopping when you’re camping outside, but if you have the opportunity to spend the night in the mall, it’s highly recommended.

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Prom Dos and Don’ts, As Told By TV

Prom season is here, and I think the best way for high school students to prepare is by watching (and learning) from their favorite TV characters. It’s also a great way for anyone post-high school to relive “the glory days” (I use quotes because #spoileralert— it’s all a tad overrated). That being said, it’s still supposed to be a night to remember (cue the High School Musical 3 song), and some classic television episodes can help you make sure it is.

DO: Step up if your friend needs a date… Even if they don’t find out you did until they watch the prom video 10 years later. You could end up being each other’s lobsters like Ross and Rachel on Friends.

DON’T: Pull a Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World and accidentally book a room in the same hotel as your parents (and definitely don’t accidentally switch room keys at the ice machine).

DO: Understand this is one of the last opportunities to talk to or thank one of your fellow classmates (especially if they were constantly saving you from vamps like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

DON’T: Starve yourself all day and then drink multiple glasses of champagne… unless you’re positive that the entire school will defend you when you’re not allowed to walk at graduation and chant “Donna Martin Graduates” at your school board hearing like on Beverly Hills, 90210.

DO: Dance with “the person you love”… even if they’re not your date like Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek.
3-22-The-Anti-Prom-pacey-and-joey-35043474-245-250 3-22-The-Anti-Prom-pacey-and-joey-35043483-245-250

DON’T: Fight with your boyfriend/date because your stalker WILL attack you and your best friend if you decide not to attend like on One Tree Hill.

DO: Get back together with your ex if he’s as good looking as McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy as long as you…

DON’T: Leave your underwear behind for someone else to find (and post on the surgical board).

DO: Help the couple you think should win Prom King & Queen… even if it means you have to vote for them time and time again, like Chuck did for Blair on Gossip Girl.

DON’T: Let your Uncle chaperone if you have plans to go to an after party because he will pull you off the elevator and embarrass you like Uncle Jesse did to DJ on Full House.

DO: Put someone who is responsible and good with money in charge of the night or weekend plans like Taylor Townsend on The OC and…

DON’T: Be surprised if the high school dropout aka Volchok (who the alcoholic of your grade aka Marissa brings) steals the money anyway (and hooks up with Naomi from 90210).

DO: Be considerate of your date’s or friend’s money situation and understand prom can be fun on a budget, like Zach did for Kelly on Saved by the Bell.

DON’T: Make-out with your best friend’s boyfriend… she will find out and it won’t be worth it. (Plus do you really want to do something Liberty on Degrassi would do?!)

DO: Spend as much time with your friends as you do your date/boyfriend like Carrie, Walt, Maggie and Mouse on The Carrie Diaries.

DON’T: Be surprised if someone who you have a somewhat meaningful conversation with totally forgets because he/she drank too much like Logan did to Veronica on Veronica Mars.

DO: Channel your favorite character for dress inspiration (especially the cast of The Vampire Diaries).
tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio3_250 tumblr_mlirckYFCD1qlyrm7o4_250
tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio8_250 tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio1_250

DON’T: Call the cops on your friends and speed away angry… you just might hit someone and be haunted by that night for a very long time a la Annie on 90210.

Have fun and don’t do anything Serena van der Woodsen wouldn’t do.

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Family is Forever (Or At Least A Couple TV Seasons Long)

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I have a lot of favorite TV couples, but when I was watching the latest episode of Parenthood, I realized the importance of TV siblings. If there’s no chemistry, I’m not going to root for them as a family, and if there’s too much chemistry, I’m going to be creeped out and most likely change the channel (a la Shannon and Boone from Lost). Below is a list of my favorite TV siblings AKA a list of people I wish I could trade my brothers in for (JK Billy and Kevin, JK).

Grey’s Anatomy: Lexi and Meredith Grey These half-sisters share an alcoholic father and a love of surgery, and despite Meredith’s attempts not to bond with Lexi, the two become close (until SPOILER ALERT Lexi is killed in that plane crash).
tumblr_mwyq0cN9Sg1rkj4xto6_250 tumblr_mwyq0cN9Sg1rkj4xto1_250

Boy Meets World: Cory and Eric Matthews For years we watched Eric give Cory (bad) love advice, and saw the two try to get through years of schooling just a few grades apart. Here’s hoping to a reunion on the BMW spinoff, Girl Meets World.

Full House: DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner These three sisters were constantly laughing, fighting and sometimes crying, but always hugged it out to corny music by the end of the half and hour show. Also I’m 99% sure Pitch Perfect stole the cup thing from the Tanner sisters.
full-house-sisters The-Girls-DJ-Stephanie-Michelle-tanner-family-and-katsopolis-family-and-joey-21615902-500-254

Beverly Hills 90210: Brenda and Brandon Walsh After moving to California from Minnesota, the Walsh twins have each other’s backs at school and at home, and combine their new friends to make the closest group of friends the Peach Pit has ever seen.

90210: Dixon and Annie Wilson: On the new 90210, the Walsh’s become the Wilson’s, and Dixon and Annie prove once again, a move (this time it’s Kansas to California) and a set of twins (Dixon was adopted but him and Annie are the same age) means the siblings will always have each other’s backs.
tumblr_mmrwykX3zb1remr5vo7_250 tumblr_mmrwykX3zb1remr5vo6_250

Charmed: Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell Despite the occasional fight over boys and proper uses of magic, these three witches are rock solid and spend their time fighting demons and keeping the world safe. #ThePowerOfThree
tumblr_msd4dpzZ3J1sgib0ro1_250 Evil_Prue_using_telekinesis_on_her_sisters

Paige Matthews is cool too: After Prue dies (aka Shannon Doherty quits another hit show a la 90210), Paige is introduced and after a rocky start, bonds with her half-sisters and joins the fight against evil.
tumblr_mx1pelmFYg1rc0kogo8_250 tumblr_mx1pelmFYg1rc0kogo7_250

One Tree Hill: Nathan and Lucas Scott Quite possibly the best looking set of half-siblings to ever grace our TV screens, Nathan and Lucas start out as enemies but eventually bond over basketball, mutual friends and a hatred for their dad, Mayor Dan Scott.
tumblr_mg6nftma2I1qkrmplo1_250 tumblr_mg6nftma2I1qkrmplo4_250

The Vampire Diaries: Damon and Stefan Salvatore I was able to call Nathan and Lucas the hottest set of half-siblings because Damon and Stefan are full siblings. These two spend most of their days fighting over Nina Dobrev (in her many forms) or fighting over ways to save Nina Dobrev (again, in her many forms).

Parenthood: Amber and Drew Holt The set of siblings that inspired this post, Amber and Drew have made each other (and me) laugh and cry on many occasions, and would never want to let the other one down (bonus points for getting drunk and high together before a family dinner).

Parenthood: Adam, Sarah, Crosby and Julia Braverman The original Braverman siblings, these four have proved time and time again that family comes first (and dance parties fix everything).
anigif_enhanced-13684-1394755508-1 anigif_original-grid-image-23439-1394755527-26

Gossip Girl: Serena and Eric Van der Woodsen Without Eric, there would be no Gossip Girl because Serena’s infamous return to the Upper East Side was fueled by the need to check on her depressed brother. Throughout the series (mainly the first two seasons), these two stick together and deal with a lot of #VanDerWoodsenProbs.
tumblr_mcc6vfAKTG1qclilyo1_250 tumblr_mcc6vfAKTG1qclilyo2_250

Friends: Ross and Monica Gellar Whether they’re practicing “the routine,” selling each other out to their parents, or just hanging out with their friends at Central Perk, Ross and Monica will keep you laughing out loud.
tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo5_250 tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo6_250
tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo7_250 tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo8_250

Shameless: Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam Gallagher Perhaps the most diverse and ridiculous group of siblings out there, these six deal with a crappy set of parents, poverty and drug problems in very creative ways.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Dawn Summers Dawn randomly appears during Buffy’s fifth season, and fans eventually learn she’s actually the mystical ‘key’ to unlocking dimensions. Despite learning Dawn’s magical purpose, Buffy treats Dawn like a sister and even makes the ultimate sacrifice for her little sis.
tumblr_msf29xGydG1reop97o5_250 tumblr_msf29xGydG1reop97o6_250