Prom Dos and Don’ts, As Told By TV

Prom season is here, and I think the best way for high school students to prepare is by watching (and learning) from their favorite TV characters. It’s also a great way for anyone post-high school to relive “the glory days” (I use quotes because #spoileralert— it’s all a tad overrated). That being said, it’s still supposed to be a night to remember (cue the High School Musical 3 song), and some classic television episodes can help you make sure it is.

DO: Step up if your friend needs a date… Even if they don’t find out you did until they watch the prom video 10 years later. You could end up being each other’s lobsters like Ross and Rachel on Friends.

DON’T: Pull a Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World and accidentally book a room in the same hotel as your parents (and definitely don’t accidentally switch room keys at the ice machine).

DO: Understand this is one of the last opportunities to talk to or thank one of your fellow classmates (especially if they were constantly saving you from vamps like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

DON’T: Starve yourself all day and then drink multiple glasses of champagne… unless you’re positive that the entire school will defend you when you’re not allowed to walk at graduation and chant “Donna Martin Graduates” at your school board hearing like on Beverly Hills, 90210.

DO: Dance with “the person you love”… even if they’re not your date like Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek.
3-22-The-Anti-Prom-pacey-and-joey-35043474-245-250 3-22-The-Anti-Prom-pacey-and-joey-35043483-245-250

DON’T: Fight with your boyfriend/date because your stalker WILL attack you and your best friend if you decide not to attend like on One Tree Hill.

DO: Get back together with your ex if he’s as good looking as McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy as long as you…

DON’T: Leave your underwear behind for someone else to find (and post on the surgical board).

DO: Help the couple you think should win Prom King & Queen… even if it means you have to vote for them time and time again, like Chuck did for Blair on Gossip Girl.

DON’T: Let your Uncle chaperone if you have plans to go to an after party because he will pull you off the elevator and embarrass you like Uncle Jesse did to DJ on Full House.

DO: Put someone who is responsible and good with money in charge of the night or weekend plans like Taylor Townsend on The OC and…

DON’T: Be surprised if the high school dropout aka Volchok (who the alcoholic of your grade aka Marissa brings) steals the money anyway (and hooks up with Naomi from 90210).

DO: Be considerate of your date’s or friend’s money situation and understand prom can be fun on a budget, like Zach did for Kelly on Saved by the Bell.

DON’T: Make-out with your best friend’s boyfriend… she will find out and it won’t be worth it. (Plus do you really want to do something Liberty on Degrassi would do?!)

DO: Spend as much time with your friends as you do your date/boyfriend like Carrie, Walt, Maggie and Mouse on The Carrie Diaries.

DON’T: Be surprised if someone who you have a somewhat meaningful conversation with totally forgets because he/she drank too much like Logan did to Veronica on Veronica Mars.

DO: Channel your favorite character for dress inspiration (especially the cast of The Vampire Diaries).
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tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio8_250 tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio1_250

DON’T: Call the cops on your friends and speed away angry… you just might hit someone and be haunted by that night for a very long time a la Annie on 90210.

Have fun and don’t do anything Serena van der Woodsen wouldn’t do.

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Family is Forever (Or At Least A Couple TV Seasons Long)

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I have a lot of favorite TV couples, but when I was watching the latest episode of Parenthood, I realized the importance of TV siblings. If there’s no chemistry, I’m not going to root for them as a family, and if there’s too much chemistry, I’m going to be creeped out and most likely change the channel (a la Shannon and Boone from Lost). Below is a list of my favorite TV siblings AKA a list of people I wish I could trade my brothers in for (JK Billy and Kevin, JK).

Grey’s Anatomy: Lexi and Meredith Grey These half-sisters share an alcoholic father and a love of surgery, and despite Meredith’s attempts not to bond with Lexi, the two become close (until SPOILER ALERT Lexi is killed in that plane crash).
tumblr_mwyq0cN9Sg1rkj4xto6_250 tumblr_mwyq0cN9Sg1rkj4xto1_250

Boy Meets World: Cory and Eric Matthews For years we watched Eric give Cory (bad) love advice, and saw the two try to get through years of schooling just a few grades apart. Here’s hoping to a reunion on the BMW spinoff, Girl Meets World.

Full House: DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner These three sisters were constantly laughing, fighting and sometimes crying, but always hugged it out to corny music by the end of the half and hour show. Also I’m 99% sure Pitch Perfect stole the cup thing from the Tanner sisters.
full-house-sisters The-Girls-DJ-Stephanie-Michelle-tanner-family-and-katsopolis-family-and-joey-21615902-500-254

Beverly Hills 90210: Brenda and Brandon Walsh After moving to California from Minnesota, the Walsh twins have each other’s backs at school and at home, and combine their new friends to make the closest group of friends the Peach Pit has ever seen.

90210: Dixon and Annie Wilson: On the new 90210, the Walsh’s become the Wilson’s, and Dixon and Annie prove once again, a move (this time it’s Kansas to California) and a set of twins (Dixon was adopted but him and Annie are the same age) means the siblings will always have each other’s backs.
tumblr_mmrwykX3zb1remr5vo7_250 tumblr_mmrwykX3zb1remr5vo6_250

Charmed: Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell Despite the occasional fight over boys and proper uses of magic, these three witches are rock solid and spend their time fighting demons and keeping the world safe. #ThePowerOfThree
tumblr_msd4dpzZ3J1sgib0ro1_250 Evil_Prue_using_telekinesis_on_her_sisters

Paige Matthews is cool too: After Prue dies (aka Shannon Doherty quits another hit show a la 90210), Paige is introduced and after a rocky start, bonds with her half-sisters and joins the fight against evil.
tumblr_mx1pelmFYg1rc0kogo8_250 tumblr_mx1pelmFYg1rc0kogo7_250

One Tree Hill: Nathan and Lucas Scott Quite possibly the best looking set of half-siblings to ever grace our TV screens, Nathan and Lucas start out as enemies but eventually bond over basketball, mutual friends and a hatred for their dad, Mayor Dan Scott.
tumblr_mg6nftma2I1qkrmplo1_250 tumblr_mg6nftma2I1qkrmplo4_250

The Vampire Diaries: Damon and Stefan Salvatore I was able to call Nathan and Lucas the hottest set of half-siblings because Damon and Stefan are full siblings. These two spend most of their days fighting over Nina Dobrev (in her many forms) or fighting over ways to save Nina Dobrev (again, in her many forms).

Parenthood: Amber and Drew Holt The set of siblings that inspired this post, Amber and Drew have made each other (and me) laugh and cry on many occasions, and would never want to let the other one down (bonus points for getting drunk and high together before a family dinner).

Parenthood: Adam, Sarah, Crosby and Julia Braverman The original Braverman siblings, these four have proved time and time again that family comes first (and dance parties fix everything).
anigif_enhanced-13684-1394755508-1 anigif_original-grid-image-23439-1394755527-26

Gossip Girl: Serena and Eric Van der Woodsen Without Eric, there would be no Gossip Girl because Serena’s infamous return to the Upper East Side was fueled by the need to check on her depressed brother. Throughout the series (mainly the first two seasons), these two stick together and deal with a lot of #VanDerWoodsenProbs.
tumblr_mcc6vfAKTG1qclilyo1_250 tumblr_mcc6vfAKTG1qclilyo2_250

Friends: Ross and Monica Gellar Whether they’re practicing “the routine,” selling each other out to their parents, or just hanging out with their friends at Central Perk, Ross and Monica will keep you laughing out loud.
tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo5_250 tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo6_250
tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo7_250 tumblr_mg194kIaaa1qhwgauo8_250

Shameless: Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam Gallagher Perhaps the most diverse and ridiculous group of siblings out there, these six deal with a crappy set of parents, poverty and drug problems in very creative ways.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Dawn Summers Dawn randomly appears during Buffy’s fifth season, and fans eventually learn she’s actually the mystical ‘key’ to unlocking dimensions. Despite learning Dawn’s magical purpose, Buffy treats Dawn like a sister and even makes the ultimate sacrifice for her little sis.
tumblr_msf29xGydG1reop97o5_250 tumblr_msf29xGydG1reop97o6_250